FeedKind® Protein


FeedKind® Protein: Natural Alternative to Fishmeal and Soy

FeedKind® protein is an innovative, competitively priced fish feed ingredient produced from naturally occurring microbes found in soils worldwide. Using a natural fermentation process similar to making yeast, these microbes produce a nutritious, high protein feed that is a sustainable alternative to high protein feed ingredients such as fishmeal.

FeedKind protein is a natural, traceable and safe non-animal source of protein produced using the world’s only commercially validated gas fermentation process. FeedKind protein is non-GMO, and approved for sale and use in fish and livestock feeds as well as pet food in the EU.  It has been extensively tested on multiple fish species, including Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout, as well as in swine and poultry.

The product is nutrient dense, highly stable with very little fiber content, no mercury, and a high fat content that can reduce the need for supplemental fats. It will be shipped and supplied dry as powder or pellets.

Superior High Protein Replacement for Fishmeal

FeedKind® Protein Fishmeal
% Protein 71% 60-72%
% Fat 10% 6-10%
% Fiber <1% <1%
% Ash 7% 10-15%
Shelf Life >12 months 3-9 months

FeedKind protein offers aquaculture feed producers valuable features not available from many feed ingredients. These include high nutrient density, product uniformity, security of supply, sustainable product labeling, and potential health benefits to farmed fish. Production of FeedKind protein is independent of climatic variability and fishery regulations, and it is produced year round.

Calysta’s technology also enables the production of advantaged feeds, in which feed is supplemented with other key nutrients, vitamins, or amino acids. The amino acid profile can be modified to more closely match what is needed by an individual species or company. Adding these nutrients via FeedKind protein can reduce overall cost and may help maintain fish, livestock, and pet health, well-being, and quality.

Further information
To learn more about FeedKind® protein, visit the FeedKind website or contact us at feedkind@calystaenergy.com