Nutrition and Animal Health

Calysta Nutrition is developing and producing FeedKind® protein nutritional feeds and animal health products for fish and livestock. Calysta is committed to developing sustainable technologies and products that leverage the power of biotechnology to address both consumer demand and global priorities.

Improved fish and livestock feed can address the rapidly growing worldwide demand for more high quality protein. This market growth is driven by an expanding middle class in developing countries.

Aquaculture-Growing to Meet Rising Global Demand for Protein

As the world’s demand for new sources of protein is straining current production capacity, aquaculture has grown to fill the gap. More than half of the seafood consumed worldwide comes from aquaculture, primarily fish or shellfish farming. Total tonnage of aquaculture production nearly doubled from 2000-2010. Norway is the world’s leading producer of Atlantic salmon, and the second largest seafood exporter in the world. The United States, the leading global importer of fish and fish products, imports over 90% of its fish consumption – half of which is from aquaculture.

The global demand for seafood is rapidly outpacing the industry’s capacity. Aquaculture is still highly dependent on fishmeal, which is sourced from commercial fisheries. The impact of commercial overfishing and rising fishmeal costs is driving the industry and environmental groups to call for new, alternate feeds from sustainable sources.

Calysta’s proprietary technology provides a proven, scalable solution, using gas-fed fermentation to produce feed-quality protein with high nutritional value. FeedKind® protein is approved in the European Union for use in the human food chain in salmon, as well as in multiple livestock animals including pigs, chickens, and cattle. The product and manufacturing technology are validated at scale and can be rapidly deployed for commercial production. Calysta plans to introduce FeedKind® Aqua protein for the aquaculture industry in 2018, to be followed by additional FeedKind® products for the livestock industry.

Calysta’s technology also enables the production of advantaged feeds, in which feed is supplemented with other key nutrients, vitamins, or amino acids. Adding these components directly in the feed can reduce overall cost while simultaneously improving livestock health, well-being and quality.